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Oshi no Ko Anime Reveals Teaser, Cast, April 2023 TV Debut

A live-streamed event for the television anime of Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari‘s Oshi no Ko manga revealed on Sunday the anime’s teaser trailer, additional characters and their cast members, and April 2023 debut: An extended 90-minute version of the first episode will play in advanced screenings at cinemas nationwide in Japan, starting on March 17. Below is the visual to…


10 Hidden Gem Manga You Should Be Reading Now

These series have the potential to garner a massive fan base once more manga readers acknowledge how amazing they are. Reading manga is a common pastime nowadays. For fans, immersing themselves in a good manga while listening to music is an unmatched experience. Since its beginning, the manga industry has produced more than fifty-thousand series.…

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Darkest Manga Series Of All Time: Top 10

These manga go above and beyond in their depictions of violence and savagery, resulting in some of the darkest manga series ever released. Given the plethora of manga available to readers, there is no shortage of high-quality titles in virtually every genre. However, while family-friendly series geared toward younger audiences often receive plenty of fanfare,…