If you have read any manga or manhwa, or watched any modern anime recently, you would know that isekai is the most popular genre nowadays. “Isekai” means “another world” in Japanese and follows the typical story of a person being transported to another world, mostly after a tragic death.

While the genre became popular in Japan, it has spread to South Korean manhwa as well as overseas. And what’s more, is that most isekai manhwa has a hint of romance to keep you on your toes like these. Here are the best isekai romance manhwa for fans of manga.

From reincarnated princesses falling in love with villains to being reincarnated as a female heroine with a fatal destiny, there is plenty of isekai romance manhwa to choose from. Here are 15 recommendations!

15. The Twin Siblings’ New Life

Twin boy and girl from twins' new life

When two twins lose their lives in a sudden accident, they find themselves reincarnated once again as twinsーthis time named Arjen and Arien, and raised in an abandoned palace with an abusive mother and an emperor as a father.

However, when they turn five-years-old, they receive a sudden summoning from their cold-blooded father. With no one to rely on but each other, Arjen and Arien must do all they can to survive this second life, togetherーas well as find love.

14. The Obsessive Second Male Lead Has Gone Wild

Boy doing a kabedon to a girl

Rurutia was reincarnated in another world, and in this world, created a business inside a temple that became a big hit together with her friends. However, she soon notices something odd about a certain person within this new world.

That is none other than the second male lead. Apparently, Rurutia stole his first kissーand she needs to take responsibility by becoming his wife, as the only thing he wishes is to become her husband.

13. Lady Baby

Calliope was born in a world and in a place where nothing went right. Her parents were murdered and she lost her life at a young age.

However, when she receives a chance to be reincarnated and travels back in time to discover the source of her unfortunate life, she does everything she can to be happy this timeーas well as finding a little love.

12. Seduce The Villian’s Father

Girl and boy smiling happily

With a title like this, fans wouldn’t expect it to be as wholesome as it is, as this one is full of sugary fluff. After a young woman dies in a bus accident, she is reincarnated as a character in a novel she loved reading.

Now living as Princess Yerenica, her goal is to avoid the original novel’s eventsーby seducing the villain’s father, of course.

11. My Life As An Internet Novel

When Dani woke up, excited for her first day of high school, she didn’t expect to be transported inside a web novel she loved readingーand as the main heroine’s best friend, of all people.

As the only one from the “real world,” Dani must now live in a fictional world, all while figuring out how she arrived there, and how to escape. However, what about the feelings she may have for one of the prospective characters in the novel?

10. They Say I Was Born A King’s Daughter

They Say I Was Born A King's Daughter Manhwa

What would you do if you were a murder victim who was reborn in a world ruled by men? Suhee Kim was a popular girl who gained a lot of attention that caused many girls to hate her and think she was loose. Just when she finally begins to have a normal and loving relationship, she is murdered in a jealous rage and awakens to find she has been reborn in another world as a baby.

Despite the advancements that have occurred, misogyny has sadly not disappeared and she is the king’s unwanted daughter. Can Suhee Kim find a new life, or even love, in this men-ruled world?

9. Survive As The Hero’s Wife

Girl and boy holding a sword together

Moving on to the next pick, we are being transported into another world that is full of clichés. Canaria has been reincarnated as a villain in a novel who is fated to die by her husband’s hand. Quite twisted, is it not? Canaria is not going to allow her life to be wasted and decides that she will do her best to survive by a simple means: divorce.

But the more she gets to know her husband, that simple choice becomes more complicated as she spends her days with him.

8. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp

Blonde girl hugging dark-haired boy

This manhwa may make you take a trip to the emergency because of how sugary a read it is. Dr. Song, the youngest professor at the College of Medicine in Korea, used to be a princess in her past life and remembers everything about her bratty self.

As she is about to drown in an ocean, she awakens as her past self: Princess Elise. Now that she has reincarnated with a vast knowledge of medicine, she hopes to mend her relationships as well as her country before it can collapse as it did before.

7. The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke's Mansion Manhwa

Poison can either be a deadly weapon or something so sweet you do not even know it can kill you. For Eunha, it is the latter. When Eunha awakens, she finds herself in a novel as an unfortunate extra who is poisoned to death by her betrothed.

Not wishing to die a sad death, Eunha decides to steal the heroine’s part and act as the male protagonist’s fiancée for six months. But when Duke Noah Wynknight turns out to be a cold-hearted man who wears two masks to hide his personality, she begins to wonder if this was the best idea.

6. Adelaide

Red-head girl and silver-haired man hugging

In case you are wondering, we are not talking about the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide. We are speaking of the manhwa created by Chae Habin and SUHO. Do you enjoy a strong female protagonist? Then, this is your manhwa.

After seventeen years pass, Adelaide decides to spice up her life by meeting a dimensional traveler. She then strikes up a deal to become his fake fiancée so he can stop being bothered by a woman who only wants him for his money and so she can entertain herself.

5. Who Made Me A Princess

Daughter jumping to hug her father

If you were a child who enjoyed bedtime stories, what would you do if it happened to come true? And if you discovered that it was a tragic story you were transported inside, how would you save yourself?

Athanasia is a sad child who was killed by her father and cold-hearted emperor, Claude de Alger Obelia. When a woman awakens to find out she has been reincarnated as that sad soul, she decides to do what anyone would: suck up to him so he will not kill her. Will her plan work?

4. Daughter Of The Emperor

Daughter and father sitting together

We are keeping the emperor ball rolling because this next manhwa features an emperor that is as cold as a tundra. When a twenty-seven-year-old woman dies in an unfortunate accident, she is born as the daughter of the cold-hearted emperor as well as a very long name.

Now Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent, she is raised by who people like to call the tyrant king as his only daughter. However, it turns out he does have a soft spot for his daughter, and they form a bond over the years.

3. I Belong To House Castielo

Estelle holding a stuffed bunny and estelle with her brother

If you thought you have hand enough of unfortunate heroines throughout this article, you are out of luck. At only eleven years of age, Estelle has been sold off by her mother. As she begins to think about what will happen to her, she is adopted by the only duke in the empire, Ein Castielo, and it turns out he is her blood-related father.

While she is the rightful daughter of the blood-red eyed emperor, others do not truly think so. Although she is supposed to be a child of the house, can Estelle convince them otherwise?

2. Empress Of Another World

Empress Of Another World Manhwa

Coming in at the number two spot is Empress of Another World. Since all of the manhwa on this list so far has been about women, this is about a Korean high school girl being transported to another world.

After an accident, Sabina is taken in by the ugly duke of the Crentia Kingdom and is ordered to become his concubine. However, when the king is assassinated, Sabina must fight for her seat on the throne, make the court woman trust her, and find a man who will become her husband.

1. The Abandoned Empress

The Abandoned Empress Manhwa

Aristia was raised to become the next empress of the Castina Empire by her aristocratic upbringing as the daughter of House Monique. However, when a girl appears, her life falls apart, and she dies a miserable death.

She gains a second chance when she is reincarnated seven years in the past and plans to change her life, so her death does not occur. Will Aristia be able to change her fate, or will destiny repeat itself once again?