Nico Robin, also known as the “Devil Child” in One Piece, is brought to life thanks to the fantastic efforts of one cosplayer.

Jennifer Torres shared her interpretation of Nico Robin on her Instagram page. The photos show Torres dressed as the complicated character in her post-time-skip outfit while having a fun and relaxing time at the beach. The outfit in question is Nico Robin’s short-sleeved navy blue leather vest and salmon sarong skirt.

One Piece fans heavily praised Torres’ cosplay of Nico Robin, with some of the comments noting the work she put into recreating the signature look of the archeologist. Others said the beach setting perfectly complements this easy-going version of Nico Robin. One fan even considers Torres’ Nico Robin their new real-life headcanon of the character.

One Piece Fans Celebrate the Anime and Manga

Of course, Torres isn’t the only One Piece fan to show their support for the long-running series. International football fans in Paris, France, held up multiple banners to construct a gigantic image of Monkey D. Luffy “smashing” the symbol of the opposing team with his Gum-Gum Gatling Gun attack. A fan artist who goes by the name of Chancil illustrated a heartwarming image of Yamato and Carrot being best buds. The artist also drew a lovely picture of Nico Robin and Nami hanging out with honorary Straw Hat member Nefertari Vivi, the princess of Alabasta.

One Piece Continues With Live-Action Film and Final Saga

For over 20 years, One Piece has entertained fans worldwide with its imaginative story of the Straw Hat Pirates conquering the uncharted territories of the Grand Line for the elusive treasure known as the One Piece. The series has gotten so massive that even its creator, Eiichiro Oda, needs help keeping track of all the characters, storylines and mysteries. A live-action One Piece TV series will be released this year on Netflix and will adapt some of the greatest moments from the source material.

The One Piece anime is on hiatus and will return on March 19. Previously, the manga was on a one-month break in preparation for its final saga. The anime is available on multiple streaming services, such as Crunchyroll and Netflix, while Viz Media handles the English release of the One Piece manga.