Berserk of Gluttony Anime’s Teaser Reveals Cast, 2023 Premiere

The official website for the television anime of Ichika Isshiki and fame‘s Berserk of Gluttony (Bōshoku no Berserk: Ore Dake Level to Iu Gainen wo Toppa Suru) light novel series revealed on Thursday the anime’s main cast, teaser visual, teaser promotional video and 2023 debut. The anime’s main cast includes: Ryota Ohsaka as Fate Graphite Tomokazu Seki as the black sword Greed © 一色一凛/マイクロマガジン社/暴食のベルセルク製作委員会…


Most Supportive Naruto Parents: Best 10

The shinobi of Naruto couldn’t have ever achieved their goals without the support of their awesome parents. Being a shinobi is challenging work. It requires a lot of training, especially since shinobi are put in dangerous situations that could cost them their lives. Naruto and his teammates are able to succeed in their shinobi training thanks to…


Amazing Shonen Anime That Everyone Forgot

The shonen genre is dominated by popular shows, but there are several exciting shonen series fans may have forgotten. Over the past few decades, shonen anime has slowly asserted itself as one of the most profitable genres in the anime industry, if not definitively claiming that title for itself. With feature-length films from the Demon Slayer and Jujutsu…