Being a shinobi is challenging work. It requires a lot of training, especially since shinobi are put in dangerous situations that could cost them their lives. Naruto and his teammates are able to succeed in their shinobi training thanks to the people who help and support them — especially their parents.

The parents from Naruto aren’t perfect, but it’s clear that they love and support their children. They challenge them to do better and they’ll push them when they need it. The comfort and loyalty the Naruto characters have from their parents help them become the best parents when they grow up and become parents themselves.

10. Shikaku Nara

Shikamaru’s Father

Shikaku Nara frowning in Naruto

Just like his son Shikamaru, Shikaku is a pretty lazy guy. Everything is a drag and he doesn’t like putting a lot of effort into things. However, underneath his lazy attitude is an incredibly intelligent shinobi.

Shikaku’s the person Shikamaru goes to when he has a problem, which makes him the best at forcing Shikamaru to face his emotions. After Asuma’s death, it’s Shikaku who helps Shikamaru face his sad feelings and finally come to terms with his sensei’s death.

9. Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto’s Mother

Kushina smiling warmly in Naruto.

All Kushina has ever wanted for Naruto is to have a fulfilled and happy life. After he’s born she sacrifices herself to make sure Naruto can have a future, but her care for him doesn’t stop there. When Naruto is at his lowest, she appears to him and offers him support.

It’s thanks to Kushina’s assistance that Naruto is able to gain control of the nine tails and not give in to its power. Even if they’re together for a brief moment, Kushina is able to give Naruto the motherly love he was missing from his life, which gives him the motivation to keep moving forward.

8. Fugaku Uchiha

Sasuke’s Father

Fugaku Uchiha looking serious

Fugaku isn’t the type to express his emotions. He shows his children how much he cares about them through his actions instead of words, which often makes them believe Fugaku doesn’t care about them. However, he keeps his distance from Itachi and Sasuke so they can learn to succeed on their own.

Even when Itachi betrays his own clan, Fugaku doesn’t fault him for it. He even tells Itachi to go through with killing him and his wife because it’s Itachi’s right to pursue his own beliefs. Fugaku wasn’t the best at showing love to his family, but he was the most supportive of his children when they really needed it.

7. Choza Akimichi

Choji’s Father

choza akimichi naruto

Choji is a strong Shinobi, but as a child, he struggled with his own self-worth. He was afraid to fight because he wasn’t good enough and he often felt like a failure compared to his comrades.

During the 4th Great Ninja War, Choji struggles to maintain courage, especially when he’s forced to fight his former sensei Asuma. It’s Choza’s encouragement that gives Choji the strength to keep fighting. Choza never babies his son, which is exactly the kind of tough love Choji needed to find his own strength.

6. Inoichi Yamanaka

Ino’s Father

Inoichi Naruto

Inoichi doesn’t get a lot of attention in the series, but in the few moments he appears, it’s clear he deeply loves his daughter Ino. He helped her foster care and compassion, but he didn’t let her slack off in her shinobi training, especially when it comes to the Yamanaka clan’s special jutsu.

Inoichi constantly encouraged her to do her best and he even told her to keep fighting to become a better shinobi than Sakura, her rival. In his last moments, he continued to encourage Ino to be a better person, which helped her cope with his death.

5. Iruka Umino

Naruto’s Teacher & Father Figure

Iruka smiling in Naruto

Iruka is the first person to treat Naruto like a person. Everyone else in the village belittled and ostracized Naruto for having the nine-tailed fox inside him. Even though Iruka struggled with Naruto’s connection to the nine tails, he understood Naruto was a kid who needed love and guidance from someone.

Iruka isn’t Naruto’s real father, but he was the father Naruto always needed. He was always there when Naruto needed advice and he even kept Naruto accountable when he made mistakes. It makes sense that Naruto would ask Iruka to act as his father during his wedding because he was the person who made Naruto feel loved and respected.

4. Might Guy

Rock Lee’s Mentor & Father Figure

Gai and Lee from Naruto

It’s hard to believe Guy and Lee aren’t related considering how similar they are. They both faced the same struggles, which is why Guy wants to see Lee succeed as a shinobi.

Guy may be Lee’s sensei, but he takes on the role of parent and teacher. It’s Guy that pushes Lee to be better, but Guy is also the one who’s there for Lee when he’s suffering. If It wasn’t for Guy, Lee probably would have given up on his dream to be a ninja, which is why their bond is so important.

3. Hinata Uzumaki

Boruto & Himawari’s Mother

Hinata looking at a book with Himawari and Boruto (Boruto)

After the 4th Ninja War ends, the characters are able to grow and build their own families. Hinata didn’t have the most stable family growing up, but that doesn’t stop her from being a kind and attentive mother.

Hinata’s the one running the household while Naruto is busy working, which often means she’s the one they go to when they have problems and need advice. She’s kind when they need her to be, but she isn’t afraid to discipline them when they’ve done something wrong. This is especially true for Boruto, who always seems to find himself getting into trouble.

2. Shikamaru Nara

Shikadai’s Father

Older Shikamaru from Boruto.

Shikamaru had a great father so it’s only natural that he would be just as supportive when he became a parent. His son Shikadai is just like him, so he’s able to understand his son’s faults and ways of thinking.

Shikamaru supports his son in his training, but he isn’t afraid to tell him the hard truth. During the chunin exams, Shikamaru tells Shikadai not to lose to Boruto, which was his form of encouragement. Shikamaru even passed down his family tradition to play shogi, which has helped him bond with his son.

1. Sakura Uchiha

Sarada’s Mother

Sasuke, Sakura, and Sarada hug in Boruto.

Sakura’s family has an unusual dynamic. Sasuke isn’t in the village, which means she’s raising their daughter Sarada on her own. Although Sarada struggles to understand the relationship between her parents, Sakura makes it clear that Sarada will always be her top priority.

Sakura even stops Sarada from being kidnapped by pushing her out of the way and getting herself kidnapped instead. Sakura and Sarada may argue sometimes, but Sarada knows her mother is the one person she can go to when she needs help.